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Product List

Z41 Series Automatic Cold Header

Z41 Series Automatic Cold Header
Cold Header uses high speed automated "cold-headers” or "part formers” to transform a wire into an intricately shaped part with tight and repetitive tolerances. The process is volume specific and uses dies and punches to convert a specific "slug” or blank of a given volume into a finished intricately shaped part of the exact same volume. Cold Header is specially designed for the mass production of the fasteners, especially screws and bolts.
Based on the thread length, diameter and forging force, our Cold Header can be further classified into Z25 Series, Z12 Series, Z18 Series, Z41 Series and Z47\Z46 Series.
YSD, as famous Cold Header Supplier, has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1998. We have established 30-year cooperation with Belgium LVD Company and started to introduce its machine tool technology in 1981. YSD occupies more than 80% market shares in the field of Cold Header processing in China.

General Description

Upsetting Forging Force:400—2600(KN)


1. The Z41 series are applicable for the production of all kinds of screws, especially screws of good toughness.
2. Precise cutting. Enough cutting distance and sliding distance, together with the device pushed by the male die makes Z41 Series Cold Header available for a wider range of products.

Product parameters:

Model Z41-6 Z41-8 Z41-10 Z41-14 SPF-550
Work Station (pie) 5 5 5 5 5
Upsetting Forging Force (kn) 400 800 1100 2000 2600
Efficiency (pcs/min) 100 80 80 80 60
Maximized Cutting Diameter (mm) 10 12 15 20 29
Maximized Cutting Distance (mm) 16 20 22 25 50
Sliding Distance of the Female Die (mm) 20 25 35 40 70
Sliding Distance of the Male Die (mm) 10 13 20 25 30
Diameter of the Female Die (mm) 60 65 75 100 120
Diameter of the Male Die (mm) 45 40(1-4)60(5) 55 60 80
Cutting Diameter (mm) 36 40 60 75 85
Sliding Distance (mm) 70 110 130 160 230
Power (kw) 11 18.5 22 37 55
Weight (kg) 8000 14000 20000 30000 41000