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HGO(K) Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

HGO(K) Series Hydraulic Guillotine Shears


HGO(K) series hydraulic metal guillotine shears can be used to cut mild steel with thickness up to 6.35 mm and stainless steel with thickness up to 3 mm. The hydraulic guillotine machine is designed with maximum cutting length 4000 mm and maximum cutting force 165 kN. Our products are made under ISO9001 standards and feature in high quality. They are characterized by concise appearance and graceful outline. Additionally, these hydraulic guillotine machines offer easy manipulation, maintenance and regulation.

Parameter Table of HGO(K) Series Hydraulic Metal Guillotine Shears

Specification 25/6 31/6.35 40/6.35
Mild steel mm 6 6.35 6.35
Stainless steel 3 3 3
Cutting length mm 2500 3100 4000
Max.cutting force KN 165 145 165
Backgauge range mm 750 750 750
Rake angle adjustment ° 0.5~2.5 0.5~3 0.5~2.5
Strokes per minute 12 10 8
Frame throat mm * * *
Number of holddowns 14 17 22
Volume of oil tank L 110 110 200
Motor power kw 7.5 7.5 7.5
Approx. weight kg 4700 5500 8000
Length mm 3445 4045 4995
Width mm 1692 1737 1862
Height mm 1615 1750 1900
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