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Press Brakes


A press brake is a kind of bending machine for sheet and plate material. By clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die, a press brake forms predetermined bends.


1. HPS Series Press Brakes: YSD HPS series press brakes offer an optimal bending process and produce excellent bending results from the first workpiece.
2. PPF Series Forming Machine: PPF series multiple cylinders CNC synchronous bending forming machine was innovated and developed by YSD company in recent years. It is a kind of tremendous metal forming machine with advanced technology in the world.
3. PPEB Series Press Brakes: Equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulics and electronics, PPEB series press brakes feature in reliable and stable performance. Additionally, they are offered in multi-axis configurations, so as to suit a wide range of bending applications
4. 2-PPEB Series Press Brakes: 2-PPEB series press brakes consist of two PPEB series CNC hydraulic bending machines.
5. HPB(K)Series Press Brakes: HPB (K) series press brakes are controlled by hydraulic slide valve servo system, which is of high efficiency and accuracy.
6. PPT(K)Series Press Brakes: PPT (K) series press brakes are characterized by easy operation and maintenance. Also, they offer reliable and simple regulations.