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Hydraulic Presses


Hydraulic Press utilizes hydrostatic pressure to realize pressing process on metal, plastics and other kinds of material. Obviously, the working medium is liquid, usually water or oil. The Hydraulic Press is mainly composed of main machine, dynamic system and hydraulic control system. The compressive force is often generated by a hydraulic cylinder.


1. Y45 Series Hydraulic Presses
Y 45 Series Hydraulic Press is designed for leveling or sizing or straightening of steel plates.
2. Y41 Series Hydraulic Presses
Y41 Series Hydraulic Press is a single-column C-shape press machine, which is especially designed to meet shipbuilding factories’ needs for deep throat, large tonnage and long stroke.
3. Y46 Series Hydraulic Presses
It adopts gantry frame structure, with movable pressure head and worktable. Y46 Series Hydraulic Presses are mainly used to bend and press slot shape workpieces in shipbuilding industry.


Hydraulic Press is applicable for a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys, and nickel alloys, etc. As Chinese famous Hydraulic Presses Manufacturer, our products are very popular and widely used in the automobile industry, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry, pipe industry, etc.