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KHF700 Hydraulic Fine Blanking Machine

General Description:

Hydraulic Fineblanking Press is not a standard stamping press. Fineblanking presses are unique by providing three specific motions: a stinger motion, which brings the stinger plate up and holds the material in place during blanking; a blanking motion, which provides the blanking force to push the part into the die cavity; and a counter pressure motion, which holds the piece against the blank punch during blanking and ejects the piece part from the die cavity after blanking is complete. KHF 700 Hydraulic Fineblanking Press is characterized by wider worktable, higher accuracy, efficiency and reliability.


1. Overall welded frame structure guarantees the lightness and stability of the fine blanking machine.
2. Hydraulic Fineblanking Press is driven by simple-structured cylinder to ensure the enough power driving and protect the sliding block from bending and deforming.
3. Concisely designed with single pump, single motor and power accumulator of high capacity, our power system features low power consumption, high efficiency, and less malfunction.
4. The blanking speed, the pressure as well as the back pressure can all be adjusted on the control panel due to the adoption of accurate rotation control technology.
5. The advanced and creatively-designed mold installment technology can realize convenient exchange of the molds.
6. Equipped with protection device, the pressure and position of Hydraulic Fineblanking Press can be flexibly adjusted to keep the molds from accidental damage.
7. Not only can feeding and discharging be automatically controlled, but also the parts and wastes can be distinguished automatically.
8. The latest touch-screen numerical control system of Hydraulic Fineblanking Press contributes to simple operation.


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1. Low cost:

Our Hydraulic Fineblanking Press can make the sheets into parts with single blanking manufacturing process needed, while maintaining the accuracy. Therefore, the cost can be significantly reduced.

2. High accuracy:

KHF series Hydraulic Fineblanking Press can ensure the dimensional accuracy and smooth cross during the whole process which involves drilling, milling, grinding, etc.

3. Well-designed Structure:

a. Overall welded structure of our fine blanking machine guarantees lightweight and good rigidity.
b. Long surface connected with guard rail makes the machine maintain vertical even under higher pressure coming from side loading.
c. Adjustable block is mounted at the bottom of the main cylinder to guarantee accurate positioning of the Hydraulic Fineblanking Press.
d. Control system characterized by proportional adjustment and accumulator of high capacity offers faster fine blanking and low energy consumption.

4. Tooling installation room:

The manufacture of large-size and complex stamping products is available due to the installation of composite continuous tooling room.

5. Isolator:

Isolator can not only make the machine look more beautiful but also reduce the noise. The installment of working platform on Hydraulic Fineblanking Press guarantees convenient maintenance and operation safety.

6. Tooling protection:

Timely tooling protection can be provided due to sensitive feedback scanning system, which can identify the parts not removing and then stops the sliding immediately.

7. Feeding system:

a. Both sides of the machine are mounted with feeding system to guarantee feeding efficiency.
b. Hydraulic Fineblanking Press’s height can be adjusted up and down based on the specific production requirements.
c. The feeding system incorporates guiding function to insure multi-station punching.

8. Waster shears:

A strong hydraulic waste shear is installed in the rear of the feeding unit to deal with the waste after stamping. Specifically speaking, on one hand, the holddowns are equipped between the feeding unit and waste shear to ensure not to flip when shearing materials. On the other hand, the guide plate can provide reliable guide when the material pass the waste shears and the cutting can be set on the panel.

9. Control technology:

(1). KHF series Hydraulic Fineblanking Press mainly adopts our self-developed CNC system and imported PLC controller. The feeding mechanism also makes a good use of PROFIBUS communication, with which PLC communicates so that the high precision reaching 0.01 can be realized.
(2) The operation lies in the combined efforts of operator data showed in the screen and the test of physical data (pressure and path). Meanwhile, the control system also can conduct diagnostic and monitoring functions.
Technical Specification:
type Machine parameters KHF200 KHF320 KHF500 KHF630 KHF800 KHF1000
Blanking force KN 2000 3200 5000 6300 8000 10000
Gear force KN 900 1400 2000 3200 4000 5000
Anti-stress KN 630 750 1000 1600 2000 2500
Unloading force KN 450 600 1200 1200 1600 1800
Scrap shear force KN 350 350 500 500 750 750
Stroke of the ram mm 130/180 150/200 150/230 150/230 220/310 220/310
Travel of the gear mm 20 20 35 40 40 40
Travel of anti-stress mm 20 20 35 40 40 40
Speed of the ram
Closing speed mm/s 120 120 120 120 120 120
Blanking speed mm/s 5/45 5/30 5/32 5/35 5/35 5/28
Quick returning speed mm/s 120 120 150 150 120 120
Detection speed mm/s 5/120 5/120 5/120 5/120 5/100 5/100
Tooling installation space
Installation mm 580 620 680 700 740 740
Table effective size mm 500×500 575×575 700×700 760×760 900×900 900×900
Front opening mm 600 700 800 900 1100 1100
Side opening mm 260 310 410 460 460 460
T-slot distance mm 260 300 2-210 2-280 2-320 2-320
Wide for template mm 500 575 700 760 900 900
Die slide mm 470 540 660 700 800 800
Gear Plate area mm 350 350 420 420 500 500
Anti-stress Plate area mm 350 350 420 420 500 500
Thickness of template mm 80 80 80 100 100 100
Feeding unit
Minimum length of feed mm 2400 2500 2800 3000 3500 3600
Feeding step distance mm 1-999.9 1-999.9 1-999.9 1-999.9 1-999.9 1-999.9
Max. material mm 250 300 400 450 450 450
Max. material thickness mm 10 12 16 16 16 16
Length of the machine mm 3200 3500 3800 3800 4000 4100
of the machine mm 2000 2250 3200 2000 2200 2300
of the machine mm 1500 1500 1500 1500 1550 1550
Motor power KW 45 55 90 120 150 150
Volume of oil tank L 1200 1400 2000 2000 3000 3000
Weight of the machine Kg 18000 20000 33000 46000 58000 66000
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