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Z25 Series Automatic Cold Heading Equipment

Z25 Series Automatic Cold Heading Equipment
Cold Heading Machine uses high speed automated "cold-headers” or "part formers” to transform a wire into an intricately shaped part with tight and repetitive tolerances. The process is volume specific and uses dies and punches to convert a specific "slug” or blank of a given volume into a finished intricately shaped part of the exact same volume. Cold Header is specially designed for the mass production of the fasteners, especially screws and bolts.
Based on the thread length, diameter and forging force, our Steel Bar Heading Equipment can be further classified into Z25 Series, Z12 Series, Z18 Series, Z41 Series and Z47\Z46 Series.

Parameter of Z25 Series Automatic Cold Heading Equipment

Model:Z25-6A / Z25-8
Thread Length:40—50(mm)
Product Length:12—120(mm)
Model Z25-6A ZA25-8
Thread Length (mm) 3-6 5-8
Maximized Thread Length (mm) 40 50
Bar Length (mm) 12-50 12-120
Productivity (pcs/min) 150 175-250
Sliding Distance (mm) 250 250-340
Capacity of the Main Engine (kw) 3 7.5
Weight (kg) 1210 2300
The Cold Heading Equipment’s thread and bar length is differently designed, leading to the capacity and productivity variety to meet different kinds of specific requirements.