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Laser Cutting Machines


Laser cutters are designed to cut materials with high-power laser. Heated to thousands of degrees above by high-power laser, material to be cut either melts, burns, vaporizes away, or is blown away by a jet of gas. In this way, the desired edge with a high-quality surface is achieved. Those machines are widely used for processing of chassis and cabinet hardware, kitchen ware, metal art, glasses and so on.
We are a leading laser cutting machine manufacturer in China and supply customers with a variety of products including Implus series, Axel series, Sirius series, Orion+ series and YAG sheet metal laser cutters.
1. Implus Series Laser Cutting Machine: These series cutters are used for plates with the maximum size 4000 mm×2000 mm.
2. Axel Series Laser Cutter: Our machine is equipped with worktables of two sizes, 1500 mm × 3000 mm and 2000 mm × 4000 mm, respectively.
3. Sirius Series Laser Cutting Machine: This range of laser cutters offers reliable cutting performance and can be achieved at affordable price.
4. Orion+ Series Laser Cutter: These machines feature in high productivity, flexibility, as well as high accuracy and easy operation.
5. YAG Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine: This type of laser cutter is designed with laser input power 12 kW and laser output power 500 W. Compared to other brands, our products provide a high efficiency of photoelectric conversion, that is, over 4%, while other brands can only reach 2%. Extra electrical energy will convert into heat energy, which may lead to the damage of YAG rod and reduction of device lifetime.
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1. Laser cutting machines supply products with high-quality surface, which are suitable for following bending or welding process without extra surface treatment.
2. These laser cutters are capable of producing products with high precision and repeatability.
3. Due to laser cutting technology, workpiece can be cut without being pressurized or deformed.
4. During the cutting process, no molds are needed.
5. Laser cutting machines can be used to cut material according to any curve contour, unrestricted by graphic design limitation.
6. The utilization rate of material can be improved to the maximum.
7. In addition to metal materials, non-metal materials can also be processed by our laser cutters.
8. Automatic processing can be achieved easily.
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1. Laser cutting machines feature in non-contacted positioning function, which ensures accurate positioning.
2. These laser cutters offer automatic control over laser output and acceleration of laser head movement, so as to cut smooth corners out of material.
3. Parameters of laser output, including peak power, impulse frequency and pulse duty factor, can be adjusted automatically by function.
4. LVD laser cutting system is characterized by quick drilling function.

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